Today's Runner 2004: Rogate Common

Another good race thanks to all the runners , team captains and a big , big thank you to all the helpers including a few from Denmead and Midhurst.

Well done to... Us! Liss Runners had two good teams out and won overall. Our first ever!

My only comments were a few runners not wearing club vests. Please could team captains impress on their runners they must run in club vests. It is a league rule. Also the top two male runners seemed a bit fast. This did not affect the overall as Portsmouth A.C. were incomplete.

Good luck to all the future race directors with their events. We could do with a break next year.  Any takers for our slot next year?  A few are missing Alton?

Results – Team Scores

1st Havant A.C. (6,14 & 16) 36
2nd Liss Runners (7,10 & 22) 39
3rd Fleet & Crookham A.C. (1,20 & 21) 42
4th Hart Road Runners (4,17 & 26) 47
5th Denmead Striders (2,9 & 41) 52
6th Portsmouth Joggers (12,30 & 33) 75
7th Midhurst Milers (11,27 & 42) 80
8th Farnham Runners (3,29 & 57) 89
Joint 9th Stubbington Green Runners & A.C. (5,18 & 72) 95
Joint 9th Haselmere Border A.C. (8,13 & 74) 95
11th Farnham Triathlon (23,39 & 70) 132
12th Victory A.C. (38,44 & 52) 134
13th Portsmouth Triathlon (36,49 & 50) 135
14th Gosport Road Runners (31,37 and 73) 141
15th Clanfield Joggers (56,60 & 61) 177
Joint 16th Alton Runners - incomplete - nil
Joint 16th Portsmouth A.C. - incomplete - nil

1st Portsmouth A.C. (1,2,12,18,20 & 45) 98
2nd Haselmere Border A.C. (4,22,24,30,36 & 37) 153
3rd Liss Runners (15,23,26,33,39 & 52) 188
4th Portsmouth Joggers (11,13,31,34,49 & 55) 193
5th Stubbington Green Run. & A.C. (3,19,35,48,64 & 73) 242
6th Fleet & Crookham A.C. (5,21,27,53,60 & 92) 258
7th Midhurst Milers (10,14,50,65,66 & 77) 282
8th Farnham Runners (8,17,58,63,67 & 72) 285
9th Hart Road Runners (44,51,54,57,62 & 74) 342
10th Victory A.C. (25,29,38,56,90 & 108) 346
11th Alton Runners (9,16,41,76,84 & 127) 353
12th Denmead Striders (40,43,71,79,85 & 97) 415
13th Gosport Road Runners (32,69,70,87,116 & 125) 499
14th Havant A.C. (7,110,111,115,118 & 120) 581
Joint 15th Portsmouth Triathlon - incomplete - nil
Joint 15th Clanfield Joggers - incomplete - nil
Joint 15th Farnham Triathlon - incomplete - nil

1st Liss Runners (2nd + 3rd) 5
2nd Fleet & Crookham A.C. (6th + 3rd) 9
3rd Portsmouth Joggers (6th + 4th) 10
4th Haslemere Border A.C. (9th + 2nd) 11
5th Hart Road Runners (4th + 9th) 13
Joint 6th Stubbington Green Runners & A.C. (9th + 5th) 14
Joint 6th Midhurst Milers (7th + 7th) 14
8th Havant A.C. (1st +14th) 15
9th Farnham Runners (8th + 8th) 16
10th Denmead Striders (5th + 12th) 17
11th Victory A.C. (12th + 10th) 22
12th Gosport Road Runners (14th + 13th) 27
Joint 13th Alton Runners - incomplete - nil
Joint 13th Clanfield Joggers - incomplete - nil
Joint 13th Farnham Triathlon - incomplete - nil
Joint 13th Portsmouth A.C. - incomplete - nil
Joint 13th Portsmouth Triathlon - incomplete - nil


Results – Individual Position & Times

1st Penny Wilson 38' 11" Fleet & Crookham A.C.
2nd Amanda Purser 38' 25" Denmead Striders
3rd Jane Georgion 38' 32" Farnham Runners
4th J. Francis Hart Road Runners
5th Elly Crane Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
6th Hilary Keough Havant A.C.
7th Helen Purchase Liss Runners
8th Wendy Lockwood Haslemere & Border A.C.
9th Ollie Lewis Denmead Striders
10th Liz Pillans Liss Runners
11th Natasha Mould Midhurst Milers
12th Ros Marsh Portsmouth Joggers
13th Helen Raines Haslemere & Border A.C.
14th Polly Keen Havant A.C.
15th Tracy Burrows Portsmouth A.C.
16th Marcella Vaskova Havant A.C.
17th L . McSpadden Hart Road Runners
18th Helen Grice Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
19th Tereasa Burton Alton Runners
20th Janet Leggett Fleet & Crookham A.C.
21st Alison Holdway Fleet & Crookham A.C.
22nd Debbie Band Liss Runners
23rd Helen Kennedy Farnham Triathlon Club
24th Linda Marais Liss Runners
25th Lynne Sawkins Havant A.C.
26th D . Pagen Hart Road Runners
27th Nicola Costello Midhurst Milers
28th Sarah Vickery Havant A.C.
29th Charlie Gray Farnham Runners
30th Katy Carew-Robinson Portsmouth Joggers
31st Cheryl Hill Gosport Road Runners
32nd A . Austin Hart Road Runners
33rd Magie March Portsmouth Joggers
34th H. Allen Hart Road Runners
35th Lyn Lintern Havant A.C.
36th Clare Usher Portsmouth Triathlon Club
37th Mel Stock Gosport Road Runners
38th Amanda Godfrey Victory A.C.
39th Shelna Banaszewiaz Farnham Triathlon Club
40th Yvonne Grayson Liss Runners
41st Viv Geary Denmead Striders
42nd Sue Shellard Midhurst Milers
43th Gillian Barrett Fleet & Crookham A.C.
44th Beth Pirie Victory A.C.
45th Jan Farmer Liss Runners
46th Paula Hill Denmead Striders
47th Liz Jenner Denmead Striders
48th Lost Number ?
49th Julia Pearce Portsmouth Triathlon Club
50th Jan White Portsmouth Triathlon Club
51st Emma Searle Portsmouth Joggers
52nd Marilyn Crocker Victory A.C.
53rd Nina Wake Liss Runners
54th Jo Kirby Portsmouth Triathlon Club
55th Sue Ratley Portsmouth Joggers
56th Helen Gothard Clanfield Joggers
57th Mary Bosworth Farnham Runners
58th S . Smith Hart Road Runners
59th J . Leppard Hart Road Runners
60th Jana Banwell Clanfield Joggers
61st Helen Jolliffe Clanfield Joggers
62nd Tina Lewendon Clanfield Joggers
63rd Alison Kirrage Midhurst Milers
64th Rachel Cole Portsmouth Joggers
65th Emma Tunbrill Portsmouth Joggers
66th Pauline Jenkins Portsmouth Joggers
67th Nathalie Garrison Farnham Runners
68th T . Beecroft Hart Road Runners
69th Julia Stein Portsmouth Joggers
70th Alison Richardson Farnham Triathlon Club
71st Maureen Azulay Portsmouth Triathlon Club
72nd Ingrid Exley Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
73rd Sarah Franklin Gosport Road Runners
74th Lizzie Disley Haslemere Border & A.C.
75th Shirley Fachien Gosport Road Runners
76th Viv Wright Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
77th Michelle Dixon Farnham Runners
78th A . Wigg Hart Road Runners
79th Irene Crukshank Portsmouth Joggers
80th Emma Prince Portsmouth Joggers
81st Wendy Carpenter Portsmouth Joggers
82nd Gill Toogood Farnham Runners
83rd Carol Murry Portsmouth Triathlon Club
84th Debbie Jarman Portsmouth Triathlon Club
85th Sue Dewar Havant A.C.
86th Sarah Bangert Victory A.C.
87th Dories Hutt Portsmouth Joggers
88th Aneeth Gupta Haslemere Border & A.C.
89th Julia Revell (sweeper!) Denmead Striders

1st Scott Tamblin 31' 40" Portsmouth A.C.
2nd Paul Bleach 31' 47" Portsmouth A.C.
3rd G. Reid 32' 23" Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
4th Paul Galley Haslemere Border A.C.
5th Chris Moore Fleet & Crookham A.C.
6th Dave Lodge Farnham Triathlon Club
7th Paul Jones Havant A.C.
8th Mark Taylor Farnham Runners
9th Andrew Yarker Alton Runners
10th Darren Slade Midhurst Milers
11th Martin Williams Portsmouth Joggers
12th Tony Saunders Portsmouth A.C.
13th Robin Ward Portsmouth Joggers
14th Neil McAlpine Midhurst Milers
15th David Brown Liss Runners
16th Robert Day Alton Runners
17th Dan Smith Farnham Runners
18th Dave Goite Portsmouth A.C.
19th C . Hall Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
20th Reg Ball Portsmouth A.C.
21st Richard Price Fleet & Crookham A.C.
22nd Andy Webb Haslemere Border A.C.
23rd Mike Pillans Liss Runners
24th Julian Reading Haslemere Border A.C.
25th Andrew Walker Victory A.C.
26th James White Liss Runners
27th Ian Duncan Fleet & Crookham A.C.
28th Steve Tampin Farnham Triathlon Club
29th Dave Morris Victory A.C.
30th Simon Denly Haslemere Border A.C.
31st Martin Bacon Portsmouth Joggers
32nd Chris Kennard Gosport Road Runners
33rd William Purchase Liss Runners
34th Simon Yates Portsmouth Joggers
35th D . Flack Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
36th Danny Symington Haslemere Border A.C.
37th Richard Spandley Haslemere Border A.C.
38th Alex Bangert Victory A.C.
39th David Robbins Liss Runners
40th Barry Turner Denmead Striders
41st Rob Andrey Alton Runners
42nd Andy Cranstone Haslemere Border A.C.
43th Paul Nash Denmead Striders
44th R . McKilliod Hart Road Runners
45th Peter Newton Portsmouth A.C.
46th Paul Kinsey Portsmouth Triathlon Club
47th Carl Atkinson Farnham Triathlon Club
48th Ken Griffiths Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
49th Brian Hughs Portsmouth Joggers
50th Russell Shellard Midhurst Milers
51st N . R . Cunliffe Hart Road Runners
52nd Ian Brodrick Liss Runners
53rd Roger Hall Fleet & Crookham A.C.
54th T . McSpadden Hart Road Runners
55th Ralph Newman Portsmouth Joggers
56th Graham Foden Victory A.C.
57th P . Smith Hart Road Runners
58th Jim Bosworth Farnham Runners
59th Tim Greenwood Liss Runners
60th Dave Long Fleet & Crookham A.C.
61st Jason Mant Farnham Triathlon Club
62nd A . Donnelly Hart Road Runners
63rd Simon Adams Farnham Runners
64th J . Exley Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
65th Richard Pinhey Midhurst Milers
66th Matt Griffiths Midhurst Milers
67th Bob Brimcombe Farnham Runners
68th Roger Dine Portsmouth Joggers
69th Lance Birkby Gosport Road Runners
70th Peter Royce Gosport Road Runners
71st Roy Field Denmead Striders
72nd Peter Woodhead Farnham Runners
73rd N . Crane Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
74th C . Allen Hart Road Runners
75th Mike Maliphant Portsmouth Joggers
76th Richard Cieslick Alton Runners
77th Charlie Fletcher Midhurst Milers
78th M . Bird Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
79th Roy Harris Denmead Striders
80th Steve Kirrage Midhurst Milers
81st M . Bell Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
82nd A . Croft Hart Road Runners
83rd Andy Tweed Farnham Runners
84th Paul Barnett Alton Runners
85th Kev Thompson Denmead Striders
86th James Clarke Liss Runners
87th Mike Stares Gosport Road Runners
88th J . Errington Hart Road Runners
89th Richard Dixon Portsmouth Joggers
90th Rob Kitt Victory A.C.
91st John Dickinson Haslemere Border A.C.
92nd Mick Chaplin Fleet & Crookham A.C.
93rd Richard Baldock Farnham Runners
94th Craig Beautement Midhurst Milers
95th Merv Owen Fleet & Crookham A.C.
96th M . Clarke Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
97th Mark Pelley Denmead Striders
98th Dave Bateman Haslemere Border A.C.
99th J . Reeve Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
100th Steve George Farnham Triathlon Club
101st Chris Channing Portsmouth Joggers
102nd D . Graves Hart Road Runners
103rd Chris Hack Portsmouth Joggers
104th Lost ticket ?
105th Darren Connor Farnham Runners
106th Glenn Hawkes Haslemere Border A.C.
107th Simon Whelan Denmead Striders
108th Andy Jest Victory A.C.
109th C . Elderfield Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
110th Bob Lamb Havant A.C.
111th Phil Holden Havant A.C.
112th Tim Cummins Farnham Runners
113th K . Bilke Hart Road Runners
114th Scott Murray Haslemere Border A.C.
115th Colin Sawkins Havant A.C.
116th Andy Clutton Gosport Road
117th M . Ponsfield Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
118th Pete Pullan Havant A.C.
119th P . Gregory Hart Road Runners
120th Alan Ive Havant A.C.
121st Geoff Cloke Farnham Runners
122nd Paul Wilcox Victory A.C.
123rd Pete Whitburn Denmead Striders
124th J . Tussler Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
125th Mark Harcombe Gosport Road Runners
126th Dave Efford Portsmouth A.C.
127th Steve Beckett Alton Runners
128th Mike Hemans Midhurst Milers
129th Ian Jolliffe Clanfield Joggers
130th Gary Mithen Liss Runners
131st Stuart Jones Gosport Road Runners
132nd Tony Hazel Alton Runners
133rd P . Ponsford Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
134th Andy Western Denmead Striders
135th P . McSharry Hart Road Runners
136th Bob Hooker Portsmouth Joggers
137th N . Marchant Hart Road Runners
138th Dennis Sanderson Denmead Striders
139th A . Clark Hart Road Runners
140th Ricky Boyes Alton Runners
141st Ian Murray Victory A.C.
142nd Mike Kearney Gosport Road Runners
143rd P . Baustdon Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
144th Bruce Peto Farnham Runners
145th John Maddon Gosport Road Runners
146th Garry McCawley Denmead Striders
147th Mike Hebberd Havant A.C.
148th J . Vosse Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
149th Tony Parker Portsmouth Joggers
150th Rob Prior Haslemere Border A.C.
151st Keith Mould Portsmouth Triathon Club
152nd Steve Eyre Portsmouth Triathon Club
153rd G . Yeates Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
154th Dave McKensie Alton Runners
155th G . Street Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
156th Andy Fachier Gosport Road Runners
157th H . Robinson Hart Road Runners
158th Mike Dutton Gosport Road Runners
159th Dave Blofield Portsmouth Joggers
160th Terry Newman Alton Runners
161st P . Wright Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
162th Mark Hawkins Victory A.C.
163th John Brothers Portsmouth A.C.
164th Terry Ash Gosport Road Runners
165th A .Knight Stubbington Green Runners & A.C.
166th Alan Vallis Alton Runners
167th B . Leppard Hart Road Runners
168th Calan Cessford Gosport Road Runners
169th John Ratley Portsmouth Joggers
170th A . Watling Hart Road Runners
171st Steve Cawte Gosport Road Runners