Today's Runner: Rogate Common 2010

1ST Basingstoke & Mid. Hants. A.C. 4 5 14     23
2ND Alton Runners 3 8 18     29
3RD Midhurst Milers 2 15 17     34
4TH Farnham Runners 1 12 25     38
5TH Portsmouth Joggers 6 22 24     52
6TH Haslemere & Border A.C. 7 13 39     59
7TH Liss Runners 11 21 32     64
8TH Stubbington Green Runners & A.C. 10 20 35     65
9TH Fleet & Crookham A.C. 9 28 34     71
10TH Hart Road Runners 16 23 46     85
11TH Victory A.C. 26 38 54     118
12TH Portsmouth Triathlon Club 30 45 67     142
13TH Gosport Road Runners 40 51 56     147
14TH Denmead Striders 49 77 78     204
15TH Farnham Triathlon Club * 19 47 81     147
16TH Fareham Crusaders * 41 81 81     203
17TH Havant A.C. * 58 81 81     220
18TH City of Portsmouth * 81 81 81     243

1ST Farnham Runners 4 8 9 19 26 66
2ND Basingstoke & Mid. Hants. A.C. 5 10 16 28 48 107
3RD Midhurst Milers 2 3 17 37 51 110
4TH Hart Road Runners 12 23 25 30 38 128
5TH Fleet & Crookham A.C. 14 21 27 31 39 132
6TH Stubbington Green Runners & A.C. 6 11 13 45 65 140
7TH Portsmouth Joggers 22 29 34 42 49 176
8TH Victory A.C. 1 15 55 60 62 193
9TH Alton Runners 18 35 73 99 101 326
10TH Havant A.C. 7 43 61 105 124 340
11TH Denmead Striders 47 59 83 93 96 378
12TH Haslemere & Border A.C. 24 68 75 106 140 413
13TH Farnham Triathlon Club 20 57 114 115 138 444
14TH Gosport Road Runners 54 56 110 121 125 466
15TH Liss Runners 33 53 122 159 160 527
16TH Fareham Crusaders 87 100 112 119 135 553
17TH Portsmouth Triathlon Club * 36 63 88 94 161 442
18TH City of Portsmouth * 141 161 161 161 161 785

1ST Basingstoke & Mid. Hants. A.C. 1 2       3
2ND Farnham Runners 4 1       5
3RD Midhurst Milers 3 3       6
4TH Alton Runners 2 9       11
5TH Portsmouth Joggers 5 7       12
6TH J Fleet & Crookham A.C. 9 5       14
6TH J Hart Road Runners 10 4       14
6TH J Stubbington Green Runners & A.C. 8 6       14
9TH Haslemere & Border A.C. 6 12       18
10TH Victory A.C. 11 8       19
11TH Liss Runners 7 15       22
12TH Denmead Striders 14 11       25
13TH Gosport Road Runners 13 14       27
14TH Havant A.C. * 17 10       27
15TH Farnham Triathlon Club * 15 13       28
16TH Portsmouth Triathlon Club * 12 17       29
17TH Fareham Crusaders * 16 16       32
18TH City of Portsmouth * 18 18       36
* = NO RUNNER : LAST + 1

1ST Claire Entwhistle Farnham Runners
2ND Emily Alden Midhurst Milers
3RD Rosanna Stewart Alton Runners
4TH T.Cornell Basingstoke & Mid.
5TH B.Crisp Basingstoke & Mid.
6TH Rachel Clay Portsmouth Joggers
7TH Isabell Peters Haslemere & Bor.
8TH Julie Humphries Alton Runners
9TH Penny Abbott Fleet & Crookham
10TH Susie MacGregor Stubbington Green
11TH Lucy Kershaw Liss Runners
12TH Jane Georgeion Farnham Runners
13TH Wendy Lockwood Haslemere & Bor.
14TH G. Hall Basingstoke & Mid.
15TH Jenny Philips Midhurst Milers
16TH Nicky Norris Hart R.R.
17TH Emily Iredale Midhurst Milers
18TH Vicky Panther Alton Runners
19TH Lucy Chittenden Farnham Tri.
20TH Penny Forse Stubbington Green
21ST Helen Purchase Liss Runners
22ND Rosalind Marsh Portsmouth Joggers
23RD Carol Swan Hart R.R.
24TH Katie Carew-Robinson Portsmouth Joggers
25TH Emma Whitaker-Axon Farnham Runners 
26TH Miranda Adcock Victory A.C.
27TH Naomi Shaylor Alton Runners
28TH Janet Leggett Fleet & Crookham
29TH Fran Brittan Farnham Runners
30TH Kathy Baxter Portsmouth Tri.
31ST Lindsey Banford Farnham Runners
32ND Nicky Proudlock Liss Runners
33RD Cathy Stewart Alton Runners
34TH Rebecca Brennan Fleet & Crookham
35TH Marjie Pritchard Stubbington Green
36TH Lucy May Stubbington Green
37TH Debbie Pagan Fleet & Crookham
38TH Amanda Godfrey Victory A.C.
39TH Sally Gable Haslemere & Bor.
40TH Jo Oakes Gosport R.R.
41ST Helen Chalk Fareham Crusaders
42ND Maggie Marsh Portsmouth Joggers
43RD Anna Hindle Farnham Runners
44TH Maria Stamp Portsmouth Joggers
45TH Debbie Mallett Portsmouth Tri.
46TH Heather Allen Hart R.R.
47TH Helen Kennedy Farnham Tri.
48TH Ruth Chinnock Liss Runners
49TH Anita Crawley Denmead Striders
50TH Kay Copeland Farnham Runners
51ST Michells Hayes Gosport R.R.
52ND Rachael Openshaw Stubbington Green
53RD Slyvia Harper Farnham Runners
54TH Claire Bailey Victory A.C.
55TH Pili Bone Portsmouth Joggers
56TH Lorraine Ricketts Gosport R.R.
57TH Emma Drinkwater Farnham Runners
58TH Sarah Johnson Havant A.C.
59TH Wendy Carily Farnham Runners
60TH Vicky Choundy Midhurst Milers
61ST Claire Hall Portsmouth Joggers
62ND Caroline Freeman Farnham Runners
63RD Sylvie Cault Gosport R.R.
64TH Sue Graves Hart R.R.
65TH Carol Hall Portsmouth Joggers
66TH Jaz Smith Stubbington Green
67TH Kate Cowley Portsmouth Tri.
68TH Ann Blake Stubbington Green
69TH Julie Leppard Hart R.R.
70TH Kim Medstead Farnham Runners
71ST Pauline Robinson Portsmouth Joggers
72ND Marilyn Crocker Victory A.C.
73RD Sharon White Stubbington Green
74TH Naomi Crane Stubbington Green
75TH Sandra Hampton Clary Portsmouth Joggers
76TH Elaine Ashby Farnham Runners
77TH Julia Revill Denmead Striders
78TH Alison Pople Denmead Striders
79TH Patsy Petersen Haslemere & Bor.
80TH Amy Wright Haslemere & Bor.

Today's Runner Rogate Common 2010

1ST Dan Bailey Victory A.C.
2ND Will Clark Midhurst Milers
3RD Phil Sanger Midhurst Milers
4TH Andrew Ellison Farnham Runners
5TH D.Docherty Basingstoke & Mid.
6TH Andy Simpson Stubbington Green
7TH Chris Spinks Havant A.C.
8TH Mike Anderson Farnham Runners
9TH Ian Carley Farnham Runners
10TH W. Gooch Basingstoke & Mid.
11TH Mike White Stubbington Green
12TH Dan Pink Hart R.R.
13TH Dave Jeffrey Stubbington Green
14TH Ian Howard Fleet & Crookham
15TH Scott Daly Victory A.C.
16TH S. Williams Basingstoke & Mid.
17TH Tim Young Midhurst Milers
18TH Mark Barber Alton Runners
19TH Charles Ashby Farnham Runners
20TH Jason Harris Farnham Tri.
21ST Alex Hamilton Fleet & Crookham
22ND Eric Parker Portsmouth Joggers
23RD Richard Norris Hart R.R.
24TH Paul Fleming Haslemere & Border
25TH Simon Rowe Hart R.R.
26TH Steve Kitney Farnham Runners
27TH Simon Mitchell Fleet & Crookham
28TH D. Short Basingstoke & Mid.
29TH Howard Clark Portsmouth Joggers
30TH Grahame Smee Hart R.R.
31ST Neil Petrie Fleet & Crookham
32ND Andy Eakins Farnham Runners
33RD Mark Dunbar Liss Runners
34TH Tony Hewitt Portsmouth Joggers
35TH Chris Nutt Alton Runners
36TH Graham Parrott Portsmouth Tri.
37TH Neil Strachen Midhurst Milers
38TH Chris Allen Hart R.R.
39TH Ray Cascoyne Fleet & Crookham
40TH Gary Vallane Hart R.R.
41ST Dan Smith Farnham Runners
42ND Tony Conway Portsmouth Joggers
43RD Dave Symmonds Havant A.C.
44TH Tim Cummins Farnham Runners
45TH Alastair Ewing Stubbington Green
46TH Stuart Morgan Farnham Runners
47TH Dave Arnold Denmead Striders
48TH J. Bigg Basingstoke & Mid.
49TH Mitch Hardie Portsmouth Joggers
50TH Darren Wood Hart R.R.
51ST Mark Alden Midhurst Milers
52ND D. Corns Basingstoke & Mid.
53RD William Purchase Liss Runners
54TH Paul Turle Gosport R.R.
55TH Colin O'Donnell Victory A.C.
56TH Colin Gardner Gosport R.R.
57TH Steve Jenner Farnham Tri.
58TH Ged Ruffle Hart R.R.
59TH Simon Toms Denmead Striders
60TH Neil Tolfrey Victory A.C.
61ST Malcolm Lavery Havant A.C.
62ND Jim Clow Victory A.C.
63RD Chris Kemard Portsmouth Tri.
64TH Paul Beesley Farnham Runners
65TH Nick Crane Stubbington Green
66TH Andy Hall Portsmouth Joggers
67TH John Leigh Stubbington Green
68TH Rupert Raymond Haslemere & Border
69TH Nick Hitchcock Farnham Runners
70TH Dave Armstrong Farnham Runners
71ST D. Powell Basingstoke & Mid.
72ND Token in Stub. Envelope but not listed on sheet?  
73RD Jarrick Harris Alton Runners
74TH G. Cooper Basingstoke & Mid.
75TH Andrew Dyer Haslemere & Border
76TH Guy Phelps Victory A.C.
77TH Martin Billet Farnham Runners
78TH Mike Warburton Farnham Runners
79TH Simon Carson-Jones Stubbington Green
80TH Matt Wright Hart R.R.
81ST Terry Copeland Farnham Runners
82ND Tim Clover Farnham Runners
83RD Graham Bowpitt Denmead Striders
84TH Terry Steadman Farnham Runners
85TH Steve Sear Fleet & Crookham
86TH Nick Kimber Stubbington Green
87TH Pete Barber Fareham Crusaders
88TH Simon Baxter Portsmouth Tri.
89TH Phil May Stubbington Green
90TH Simon Brooks Fleet & Crookham
91ST Neil Cunliffe Hart R.R.
92ND Colin Elderfield Stubbington Green
93RD Mark Pelley Denmead Striders
94TH Martin Knobbs Portsmouth Tri.
95TH Dave Long Fleet & Crookham
96TH Peter Morgan Denmead Striders
97TH Gordon Westley Stubbington Green
98TH Matt Danson Hart R.R.
99TH Ben O'Connor Alton Runners
100TH Keith Lorrenn Fareham Crusaders
101ST Jonathan Speed-Andrews Alton Runners
102ND Pete Harding Victory A.C.
103RD Dug Murdoch Farnham Runners
104TH Mark Hay Victory A.C.
105TH Matt McNamara Havant A.C.
106TH Steve Currie Haslemere & Border
107TH Tiziano Tesolin Alton Runners
108TH Paul Hailwood Stubbington Green
109TH Paul Willcox Victory A.C.
110TH Ray Burnice Gosport R.R.
111TH Mike Clark Stubbington Green
112TH James Musslewhite Fareham Crusaders
113TH Shaun Robinson Denmead Striders
114TH Rob Hunter Farnham Tri.
115TH Steve Pearce Farnham Tri.
116TH Tony Leahy Denmead Striders
117TH Rob Kitt Victory A.C.
118TH Neil Boyce Portsmouth Joggers
119TH Ken Edwards Fareham Crusaders
120TH Paul Hiles Denmead Striders
121ST Pete Hewitt Gosport R.R.
122ND Andy Cole Liss Runners
123RD Alan White Stubbington Green
124TH Pete Pullan Havant A.C.
125TH Mick Stairs Gosport R.R.
126TH Graham Foden Victory A.C.
127TH Doug MacLean Alton Runners
128TH Mick Curney Gosport R.R.
129TH Tony Laurenson Denmead Striders
130TH Graham Clarke Denmead Striders
131ST Paul Channing Portsmouth Joggers
132ND Kevin Bilke Hart R.R.
133RD Gordon Osborn Victory A.C.
134TH Jim Armitage Alton Runners
135TH Martin Ward Fareham Crusaders
136TH Martin Coles Victory A.C.
137TH Andrew Perrin Farnham Runners
138TH Josh Swords Farnham Tri.
139TH Garry McCawley Denmead Striders
140TH Dave Bateman Haslemere & Border
141ST Peter Murphy City of Ports. A.C.
142ND Ian Neville Fleet & Crookham
143RD John McConnell Alton Runners
144TH Bruce Humphries Alton Runners
145TH Charles Ingham Hart R.R.
146TH Dave Jones Portsmouth Joggers
147TH Alan Saunders Gosport R.R.
148TH Howard Robinson Hart R.R.
149TH John Bennison Hart R.R.
150TH Pete Strange Farnham Runners
151ST Roger Lake Haslemere & Border
152ND Terry Blake Alton Runners
153RD John Tarkar Hart R.R.
154TH Chris Gallagher Stubbington Green
155TH Brian Harris Denmead Striders
156TH Nick Bailey Victory A.C.
157TH Steve Cault Gosport R.R.
158TH Peter Hailwood Stubbington Green
159TH Andy Paton Liss Runners
160TH Peter Digby Liss Runners