Boxingday Hash

Boxing Day Hash 2011

Liss Runners Boxing Day Hash : 26th December 2016 at 10am: Woolmer Forest, Greatham.


The annual bit of fun chasing saw dust trails and shouting things like “are you?” , “on-on” and “checking” is on this year . It involves following saw dust trails to a “check” . Here the trail ends and a new trail must be found . The faster runners get busy looking for the new trail whilst the slower runners can catch up . Everyone should finish together . A great bit of fun with the chance to explore a different part of the local area and run off any excessive eating over Christmas! It should last for around an hour with the faster runners covering the most distance . Dogs welcome if under control.


Meet on the verge of Blackmoor Road, take left on the A325 Bordon Road just to the north of Greatham. Look out for the yellow signs. 

Please get there by 10am.


Any questions please talk to Tom or others who have done a club hash in the past.