Club Handicap Series

Trevor's Challenge

These are a series of races on a Wednesday evening - instead of training - on the second Wednesday of every month , from April to September.


The coures vary in distances from 3.5 to 4.3 miles and on the evening will be well marked around the Liss area. Click on handicap routes for the routes for this year.


The first race is a scratch race with everybody setting off together. This gives each runner their handicap time. Each race after this one , runners are set off in time intervals depanding on their finishing time in the first race.


The system is aimed at everyone finishing together. It's worked out well in the past with the majority of runners finishing in a two minute window . A hard task for the results collector!


Points are awarded for each finishing position. The winner at the end of the season is the one with the most points. Consistency is the key along with attending the most races.  You can afford to miss one race if you have to as your five best race results count, your worst is discounted.  There are prizes for the winners.  The races are very social with early finishers giving a lot of support for the latter finishers. So don't miss out on the fun!

Getting our breath back after T.Challenge April 2014

The first race also doubles up as the Clubs' Championships and is known as Trevor's Challenge in honor of the Clubs' founder : Trevor Stothard. Trophies will be awarded to category winners.

Results of previous Trevor's Challenge races are here.