Running Safely


We aim to operate the club as safely as possible, however some of activities do have some residual risks associated with them that cannot be mitigated without affecting the experience offered to members. We therefore ask members to adhere to the following guidelines, and to consider their own safety and the safety of the group at all times whilst running with the club:


Running on Roads can be dangerous with the risk of coming into contact with other road users, particularly motor vehicles. We ask that all runners use footpaths when these are suitably surfaced and lit and when running on the carriageway remain vigilant of other road users. Members should consider whether the risk of tripping on a poorly surfaced or uneven pavement is greater than the risk of running on the carriageway and they should adjust their position on the road accordingly. When running on the carriageway adjust your position to ensure that you have good line of sight of other road users. In most instances this will mean running against the oncoming traffic, but exceptions may apply when approaching bends or the crests of hills. Members should refrain from wearing in-ear or over-ear headphones when running on road, bone conducting headphones may be acceptable, but users should consider the surroundings, the volume and whether the reduction in awareness of their surroundings affects their safety and modify their choices accordingly.


Running on-road at dawn, dusk and at night: Running at times of low visibility increases a number of risks associated with slips, trips and falls and accidents involving other road users. As a minimum club members are asked to wear hi-visibility (fluorescent) clothing at times of low light to increase visibility. At night members are asked to ensure that their clothing has reflective patches or panels (fluorescent clothing alone is not sufficient). Members may be asked by session leads to leave a session or to put on a high visibility jacket if their clothing does not meet the guidance above.


Running off-road has hazards associated with tripping, slips and falls due to the natural terrain. Conditions underfoot can change due to weather, season and the number of other users on a trail. Members are asked to run within their ability and to match their choice of equipment (shoes / clothing etc.) to the prevailing conditions.


Running off-road at night increases the risks highlighted above significantly, even with powerful lights and careful choice of routes. Members are reminded to take additional care at night. All runners are asked to carry a mobile phone, suitable clothing for the conditions along with additional batteries for lights.


Whilst these guidelines were written with club activities in mind, runners should also consider their safety when running to and from sessions and when running outside of club activities. If possible, try to run with a partner. If this is not possible then take a mobile phone and let someone know your intended route and when you are expected to return.  

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